We will still be here fighting for you

Whether the battle begins this month as promised or not, we will still be here fighting for you.

A voice can not remain silent forever.  But there is a promise of a battle coming, and as we patiently wait, we want to remind you we are still here for you.

We need your help, because this is not a organization of lazy people sitting around, waiting for the next big thing to happen.

We are a group of energized people fighting for what is right.  We have been working and in contact with the new federal government.  We are working with the State of Texas elected officials. We are working on other projects that benefit you.

Sometimes we wake up to the reality that things don’t always go as hoped for.  When we finally hit the bottom and realize that one person cannot do it alone.  Things begin to change.

As we saw in the recent presidential, a new movement rose up, with great force. With great energy. They did not sit at home and hope. They got off their butts and did something. Millions were surprised at the outcome.

History repeats itself over and over and now is the time for you to get involved.

How ?  By joining this network, and donating money, but contacting us, and really getting involved, instead of empty promises.

Think about this.  If 40 people invested a small amount today then invested 1 hour a week, then 40 more hours of work would be done to accomplish that which the current legal matters can’t solve.

You see no one promised the current legal matters would resolve the billions of royalty, bonuses and other dividends that are owed. The current legal matters will not make you rich, it is only based on damages, injunctions, a very tiny small percentage, when broken out by thousands that will, if it wins, be paid out.  This is the reality all must wake up to.

If it wins, then that will pave the way for more doors to open in the future, but then comes another battle if you know anything about legal matters. As you saw with the last house bill, there are many problems that must be solved to get the full payouts. Those are the things we are working on for you.

When you spend a little bit of time, reading about what we are working on, and what we need to accomplish some solid things that will help all of the Spanish Land Grant Heirs. Then you have taken the first step.

The next step is to get active, with your money and your time. Everyone has something and everyone can make time. It’s just deciding what you want change to make a change, what you want to invest to make change.

Martin Luther King would of never gotten anything accomplished if everyone sat at home, watching TV, or on their cell phones and tablets talking about him.  It took people to start a movement.

The Native American’s would of never gotten their rights if they would of sit at home, watched TV, got on their social media and did nothing.

We are the a people, and this growing network, can become a movement, that can not only help YOU, but help your attorneys, and other people who are behind you for your cause.

Following the history of our cause, not one person has been able to start a movement, one person has paved the way, a powerful woman, who is an attorney that has fought for our cause. She has been with her team of workers, diligently fighting on your behalf. She deserves the credit.

But she cannot do it alone. Not one person, not one network can do it alone.  Many have tried and look at the reality.

So when we see this a legal battle begin, then that is the time to get involved.

Not just liking our social networks, or reading our news stories, or researching on our network.  No, it is time to get involved. It is 2017 a new year, and we can and will make a change!  Only with your help.

Please think about these matters and we welcome you to join forces with us. There is so much that you can do.

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