While the sleeping giants wait for battle – we updated some things to get ready

The Texas Spanish Land Grant Heirs are prepared for battle, waiting as their commander guides the troops to battle.  So we have updated some things to help us get ready.

The first thing we updated is the ability to add to our war chest, below you will find some updates. Now we need your help

First we had to update our gateways, make them more secure and we are ready for testers.

To add to our war chest we updated our payment system.  Paypal does not want to support our cause anymore and we never liked them anyway.  So we switched.

Please give it a test in these two locations

  1. Donations – click here and give
  2. Shop – click here to visit our store, select a non-free item and purchase it

This will help us generate income for the next phase after this first phase begins.

Well while our paid front line army fights the first phase of our fight, we all should realize that this is just the beginning of fighting for some kind of relief.

Some members and followers are asking us questions, we want to advise you that those questions should be directed to your SLG attorney.

However some of the questions are common sense.

If you don’t know what the federal case will do , you should contact your group representative.

Here are some things it what it will not do for us

  1. It will not force the comptroller of the state of Texas to do anything different than they have already done
  2. It will not help future grantee’s locate property or search
  3. It will not help the heirs find their available funds at the State comptrollers office if it is under a different name
  4. It will not help an heir prove they are a descendant ( that is why you need the lead attorney for our cause, you should know her name)
  5. It will not release the royalty funds the State of Texas is withholding from the heirs
  6. and the list goes on and on

Here are some results that may occur as a result, but this is just speculation, although we hope it will put pressure on things to change for our behalf.

  1. The State of Texas to take us more seriously
  2. The State of Texas to make some changes on our behalf
  3. The oil and gas companies may make some changes on our behalf

So this is why we are working a beta for Phase 2

Phase 2 includes several sections

  1. We are working with lawmakers to help pass bills that will benefit the release of our monies
  2. Part of those bills should help a descendant match to the original grantee , and provide a system that allows proof, of heir-ship
  3. Part of those bills, some are in motion now, will help the State regulate more accurately the royalties paid
  4. We are working on building our network bigger and stronger
  5. We are working on a system that will help heirs locate lands, oil wells, gas etc that belong to them
  6. We are working on a system that we can integrate with the TGLO for these searches
  7. We are working on a ancestry database for descendants and hope to work with others who will help provide accurate data to that system, to help people locate their info

Phase 2 is about activism and about building tools to help us.  We hope our cause will inspire the State of Texas to work with us, on their system.  Simplifying it, including searching methods to locate a heir’s funds.  Many of the suggestions were voiced during the commission.  There should be peaceful demonstrations, news media, and networking to help us achieve this goal

Phase 3 will integrate all these systems as our network grows, it mounts pressure on the Government, oil and gas companies to fully comply.

The simplest way for you to help, if you are busy is to donate money.  But as soon as Phase 1 begins into motion, we will need volunteers to help us leap to Phase 2.

Won’t you get ready to help, simply donate, and contact us.  Thanks a million in advance.

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