#onevoiceunited – Unifying all groups, families, heirs for one common purpose

In this Historic Moment, we are laying our differences aside,

to fight for our rights

#onevoiceunited #wewillnotbesilent #westandunited


We want to activate and unite the 25,000 plus Spanish land grant heirs,

families, groups, descendants and Hispanics to join us in our million +

march and cause, we can do this, we will prevail, we are determined!

There are over 4 million eligible Hispanic voters in Texas that can join

our cause and fight for Hispanic rights.

Here is how we can do this:  First read this click here

1) Every heirs group leader, join this network click here

a) Each group leader will follow all news on their attorneys website click here
b) Each group leader  will be able to provide information/news for their group here on this network
c) Each group leader will work unifying their families, descendants, for one cause through multiplication
d) Each group leader will subscribe to this network’s emails click here
e) Each group’s members, family, descendants,  can also subscribe, like, follow and join out network

2) Each group leader will pick a unity coordinator, who will join this network:

 a) Each unity coordinator will help coordinate:

1) Any Hispanic / Latino eligible voter register to vote
2) Join this network
3) Sign petitions and help with election campaigns
4) Be ready for any demonstrations
5) Get involved , and promote
6)Get other family members, descendants,  to subscribe, like, follow and join out network

3) Heirs, descendants, families, Hispanics / Latinos , all of united will:

a) Listen for direction from our lead attorneys Mrs. Fowler and the Federal Attorneys (click here for their news)
b) Subscribe to this network’s emails click here
c) Get involved, promote, sign petitions, help with elections,
d) Join this network to help us maintain
e) Get other family members, descendants,  to subscribe, like, follow and join out network
f) Donate to the causes
1) Heirs Group for litigation and legislation click here
2) This network to keep it funded and going
* note this network needs about 25% to operate as long as members are continuing to join, and donating ,
the other 75% should be directed to the Heirs Group for the Texas Spanish land grant projects

4) As this cause grows in this #onevoiceunited  unity campaign,

we will have other projects, and direct them to these tags click here

for all the #onevoiceunited tags


Any new developments will also be updated in our

news and this cause, share your comments and ideas .