Heir Royalties Guide

Stage 1

First you need to find out from a relative or attorney what lands grants you may be entitled to. A relative may already know what lands your entitled to, or have you ancestry chart. You may have more than one property to go after so follow all the branches of the tree of ancestry. A member submitted this list, although it says its only 79% complete, it may help.  Please email us to purchase this list.

Next you going to need to prove your a descendant. The first step is to gather all your birth certificates to the linage of the last descendant that owned the property. Again your relatives can help or your attorney.  This guide will help you trace your genealogy: www.glo.state.tx.us/archives/

Speaking of Attorneys, you need to check our list of certified attorneys who are available to help you.

Most attorneys have some paperwork to fill out and sometimes this includes a limited power of attorney to act in court on behalf of yourself, so that you do not have to be present in every court case.

Next stay involved here with causes coming up. Get involved and help other causes, any thing you can do. Maybe it’s tweet, or Facebook post, or write, or call, or march.  Do something and sacrifice some time to help, not only yourself but all the other descendants and heirs.  We need your voice and help.

Stage 2

The wait begins, depending on your case it could take months or years to get a declaratory judgement.  You will need to stay in contact with your representative the attorney provided for you to keep up to date each month. You can stay pro-active and also read news updates on your attorney’s website and this website.

Stage 3

The payouts.   This can be easy or complex. Depending on the stage of the State of Texas, you may or may not be listed in their database, even though you prove your an heir and have monies. Also they may not have all your transactions recorded.  Some people have received their payouts, other groups haven’t.

Update Dec 24, 2014:   The state does acknowledge that this heir is a legitimate heir through the Declaratory judgment. The problem is that does not give the heirs the right to unclaimed well revenue. The comptroller is not accepting declaratory judgments for payouts, although in the latest Unclaimed Mineral Rights Commission meeting, they are talking about this as acceptance as valid.

We are waiting to see what comes of the HB724 Unclaimed Mineral Rights Commission, but we are being very active, and you can help also.

There are a few more steps to take then

Next Steps:  Go to Texas railroad commission website and find out every mineral, oil and gas that was ever set up and is still existing today on your land. http://www.rrc.state.tx.us/about-us/resource-center/research/online-research-queries/   This site has multiple queries, you may need your land information to locate these records.  Check your declaratory judgement for information also.

A member submitted this list, although it says its only 79% complete, it may help you locate your land .  [purchase_link id=”487″ text=”Add to Cart” style=”button” color=”blue”]

Try a google search for example “texas railroad commission zapata”  pulls up this link click here

Another link is here http://gis2.rrc.state.tx.us/public/startit.htm  here choose, identify wells, then find your county for example 505-zapata  it will pull up all wells, you can also see gas etc

Another query gives you all the types together

For survey  try this link  http://gis2.rrc.state.tx.us/public/survey.htm   select your county then find your ancestor’s name then click the map link to the left  it will pull up all wells in that sector , you can click on the well for more information, and print it, you might use the legend button to see what the symbols mean.  We hope to put a guide together that shows you how to search.

You will need all those documents, and you also may need an attorney to help you take these to the comptrollers office, or file a lawsuit to obtain your rightful monies.  We are working with some other teams that are trying to force the release of these funds.  This site will give you information about current phases, causes, campaigns, issues.

Stage 4

Survey Work to prepare for oil and gas leasing opportunities regarding unclaimed surface and minerals on grants. Contact your attorney for more information.

Stage 5

Since you have been rewarded, you should pay it forward and help someone else, lead them to TVOC network and other resources so they can help.  Maybe it’s a sibling that needs the money to help with the attorney fees, or having other people get active. This is important step to all of our families and relatives future.

Also stay active and voice until the process becomes a simple 1-2-3 step procedure for every heir and descendant.  We will update this document each time more information is available.