Gearing up for the upcoming 2015 Elections Step 1

Can you believe it?  It is already time to start hearing those ads on the the radio and seeing the news about state elections. Primaries are on March 3rd. This means we need to complete this step before April 3rd so we have a nice list to choose from when voting. We must start now. Are you registered?, did you vote in January? , are you sending out letters or making phone calls? are you getting other people active to help, or register to vote? are you uniting your family and group with this information?

Now more than ever it is important for us to make change, and add constituents in our government you support our causes.

In Austin alone we already have over 20,000 Hispanic voters on our side, as we are working on gathering totals of other major cities. Our goal is to engage 4 million eligible voters. Hispanics are the fastest growing population in Texas with more than 4 million eligible voters.
We are working with other groups and organizations and already are starting to campaign for the this years elections. We need your help, getting people united, involved in this network, and with elections.
Having large groups of people is one thing, but getting them active to use their voice, and volunteer to causes is another.  Our slogan is that we cannot remain silent any longer, it’s time to use our voice for change. We need your voice, and volunteer skills, and talents to help make a change.
It’s time to begin asking questions to current elected officials, and future elected officials.

Here are some of the questions that should be asked:
  • We are asking you if you will support our cause and rights?
  • Will you help us get in our efforts to find the missing monies unaccounted for that belong to us?
  • Will you help those of us who are seeking to prove that we are an heir, so we can get paid our rightful royalties the State of Texas has been spending?
  • Will you help us sponsor and support future legislation?
  • Will you help to unsure the State comptroller accounts for every penny that was paid in to the heirs from years ago and into the future?
  • Will you help us pave the way that will make it easier to get the payouts from these royalties from the past, present and future from the State of Texas?
To do this we have created a blanket letter see the download button,
Please record their responses with this form click here   then you can see the results click here :
WHO to send letters to?  You can click here to find the email addresses of every official.   I know this might take time, but the more letters they get the more serious they will know we are.  In the future we hope to enable an automated feature, or campaign that will automatically email every member in one or two steps, but this takes money, as we grow we can provide this automated feature. Even if we don’t get that many responses this can change what issues they decide.  So we need to send out thousands of letters and emails.

WHO IS RUNNING? When are the elections? 

Click here for Texas election candidates  or click here for more info at the Texas Secretary of States office including candidates, which also has instructions on registering to vote and making sure you are updated, as you campaign to get more voters involved.

As we get replies, please share back with us the letters of support, so we can add their name to “Intent to support” or other support lists. This will help our community vote those people in power who will help our causes.
Also look at the upcoming election events, on this website, there it will have information about who is running, links, contact links, election dates, etc.

We have a lot of election PR material for you also click here 

We will also update this and this site with information who is running in the primaries, we will use a star or color code system to identify those who support us. So keep looking for information here
If you have any suggestions as a member of our network please submit your story, article, news or ideas in the submit section under members.  Thanks for your help!

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