Spanish Land Grant Heirs Financial Crisis Update

Our team is working to find a free solution, however because we are complex, it is difficult to find a free solution, that has all the elements our network requires.

Sure bloging posts, events are easy. What about membership, email newsletters – not so easy. Also not easy to find is a free webhost that supports, downloads, e-commerce, donations, resources, and this is why a social network like facebook will not work for us.

We have over 2.5 million email subscribers and all of this is integrated, each time we post new information, emails go out.

The other big problem is, we want other organizations and politicians to take our efforts seriously. So without a website, it makes it hard to do the things we are doing. The Texas State Representatives and Senators are following us, they are also subscribed to our newsletters. It is crucial to our support.

The next phase is a searchable ancestry database, linked to the Texas Railroad Commission to find out land grant information for heirs.

Not everyone can afford the price of an attorney, we are a great place to get started, and when they need declaratory judgement, then they can reach out to the best attorney we all have who is working on the cause.

This site is about activation, it’s about civil rights. We appreciate your suggestions and help, but now we need some people to get active and support us. T

Below you will see the updated financial update. As you will find out, we are in the negative and we have not had a donation since 2016.

Someone suggested this, a family or group get together, each pitch in $5.00 or more, or less – combined it could be simply $25, 50, $100 or more. It is a great idea and we encourage you to do that. If we had 10 Family’s raise $100 or more, we can pay for the next 6 months – 12 months of hosting and server.  We can limit the other monthly expenses until we are back on financial track.

Please click here to make a donation of any amount 25, 50, 100 or more, thank you.


If someone wants to be a foundation donar, there are some great benefits.

Please click here to make a donation of any amount 25, 50, 100 or more, thank you.



Breaking News Urgent Updates

To all Texas Spanish Land Grant Heirs

Important updates…  please read, your payouts depend on it


We are working hard and two of our staff that are heirs paid enough for the next 30 days to keep this site online. We are sorry for the 2 weeks the site was down.

It is really simple,  we just spoke with Representative Ryan Guillen and some other representatives and Senators who are supporting us.  They are depending on 3,000 – 10,000 of YOU the Spanish Land Grant Heirs to help support them for the next few initiatives.

As you know politics are difficult but without them, you cannot get all of your royalties, bonuses and other payouts.  You can choose to sit and do nothing or hope for a lawsuit to bring you all of your money, but when you wake up the next morning you will not have what you thought, maybe some pennies on a dollar if you are lucky.

We agree a lawsuit will help you get damages for someone not paying you what you deserve, divide the damages by 40,000 heirs and what will you really get in your bank account ?  Please  think about this.

Next step forward , without this website and our organization, we cannot move forward.   We need you in the next 30 days to raise $500 and the next 90 days $1500.  We cannot keep the website up and our efforts going without you. So we appeal to every person who follows, reads, or supported us the last years to help.

This site will go down again in 25 days if we don’t make another payment.  We can’t help any of you with our projects to get you all of your 3.5 billion in monies, possibly more than that.

You can purchase the next iPhone the next dinner for your family, but before you do, please pray and think about your future.  Please consider donating $25 or $50 a month or more to this project.

Skipping a dinner at a restaurant or the next iphone won’t hurt you, but not investing in a organization that will help you get your proceeds from the State Comptroller of Texas, will be the biggest investment.


So now that we talked about money, lets talk about activation.  We need you to start activating, please email us. In the next weeks we will sponsor a protest and need 1500 plus people to meet at the State of Texas offices, to make a demonstration about the neglect.  Please watch for the update, sign up and meet us there. We need a coordinator that  can help us for this next big event.

Second, we need some people to email and telephone some of the lazy politicians you have voted for, to support our cause. In the next weeks we will post an event concerning how you can sign up and what you can do to help.

The rest of this is to be secret, so keep the talk low only between family members. If a lawfirm or oil company calls you, or emails you do not talk, about what we are doing, it will only hurt the project.

Let’s move on, it will be important for the upcoming cases that will be public.

Thanks a million in advance, the VOC team.