Here is what all the heirs have missed as they waited for.. and been sleeping

Latest News on Spanish Land Grant Heirs and the Texas Legislation

As it always goes, the Land Grant Heirs are always holding on to the next big thing, and why they do that, they wait and sleep and do not much else to help the cause.

What you missed is a lot. As you may know the Texas Legislation (House and Senate) only meet every two years. So as we have been reporting we were trying to get some bills going, and some of our representatives and senators where trying to help.

However it seemed there was not enough interest, people read about something, but don’t get active. the 85th Legislature ended on May 29th of 2017 and the special session just ended last week. So here is what you missed.

Bill 81x – Declared Descendants linked to official accounts at the unclaimed property

This bill was introduced to help at to be recognized as an heir.  What this bill would do is match the State of Texas comptrollers office records at to an official court judgment declaration.  The courts would decide (many of the heirs already have declaratory judgement) who the latest living heir is and has a right to claim.

Result this bill failed, to make it to the house, there was not enough outside heirs pushing and the representatives were pressured with more important legislation.

Bill 82x – Help the State of Texas regulate the royalties paid out.

This is another bill that did not even make it to the second round, nor to the floor. It was supposed to help make sure the royalities are being paid out and the royalties are being paid in, and punish the oil companies for not paying in.

Three more bills failed 

You can read about them here 

We at the VOC are to upset to continue talking about how they could of helped a lazy group of people.  If you don’t think you are lazy then were where you when we asked for help?

Some gave donations to keep us going, we appreciate that, but no one helped get active with the bills, or contacted us to help push and organize rallies to push for them.

This is a sad year for us, as many people cannot get through their thick heads, that legal battles do nothing to pave the way for the actual billions in royalties being paid out.  The people who lost this year with advancing anything by a recognition of a legal battle won, has nothing to go back to get all of the rightfully due inheritance. These systems are governmental, that is where most the money is that has been paid into the State of Texas.  The only way to fight is sue the State but that won’t get you far. The best is legislation that paves the way for the money to be released.

So the heirs must wait another two years, until maybe they wake up and help the voice of Change get active and get some things done.

You all know the saying, you can lead the horse to water, but you cannot force it to drink.