11/20/2016 Comments are off the Voice of Change

Yearly Internet Coming Up – Now we need this network more than ever – please help

Urgent update – Please read this — and pass it along, thanks.. Well its that time, again in one week, we have to pay our yearly internet bills, and for this network it is expensive.

Not just domain renewal, icann, and hosting, server, security etc.. a lot of technical stuff.

Now with the suit coming up, this network must be online to help us stay together and move forward in the next steps.

Please read our latest updates to see the exciting things coming up for our land grant causes, things that will help release all of our funds from the state of Texas and the oil and gas companies, and help in the searches, descendant proof, ancestry searches, land grant searches etc.

Please donate below we need to raise $1500 in a very short amount of time, gifts of 25, 50, 100 or more will help us make the goal together we will make a change.



Thank you for your donation.