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Broadcasting news through social media, and through internet curating is another way we can get our voice heard. Recently we teamed up with two high profile partners who will help us circulate our cause.

The municipality of González

What is now the municipality of González, it dates back many years before the Spanish conquest, as in the southern part of the Sierra de Tamaulipas still vestiges of indigenous peoples, mainly in Laureles, San Antonio and Los Frailes exist.

Used by permission source :  The South Texas Heirs of Las Porciones 

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We want to raise  $50,000 in the next three months and get the database started, for every heir, to be able to find out things like ancestry, site information, including links to the TGLO railroad system to identify current, past wells, gas etc. and also surveying database.  This would be so beneficial for our children and our current heirs.

This will also help the attorney’s fight for your royalties.  Because the thing to remember is that although lawsuits may provide some relief, it will not provide full payments, of previous, unreported, and future royalities due.  We are working with a few key politicians and with this database we hope to be able to provide a legal printout, that helps you search at the Texas comptrollers office.


In the future we want to help them, keep updated with name changes, marriages, family births, deaths, etc so they can update their database.

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