Which 2016 Presidential Candidate will support us, we have power of over 6.7 million voters

Our network reaches over 24 million registered Hispanic voters, of which are over 6.7 million and we are united with a group of over 30,000 from Texas (which has millions of Hispanic voices/voters).

So which candidate will support us ?  This is a great question for all of us.  We know many of our followers like Hillary but her network after 100 calls, letters and emails has not responded.  Nor has any other candidate except one.

So you all want to know who this is ?

Vote here https://fans.vote/v/AClLW3hECBY

Well we can’t disclose just yet, but not only is this candidate (who many will be shocked), sending us official documentation which will will publish later.


Donations are down, if you want to donate, please email us. We are close to a payment solution.

the Calm before the Storm – Something big is getting ready to happen to bring us Justice! #VOC

before the .. Something Big is about to bring us Justice!


We are now 30,000+ strong, and reach over 6.7 Millon Hispanic / Latinos

We are seeking justice for people whose ancestors’ was taken from them by outright theft, fraud, and/or political chicanery. We work as the for – through activism, research and recovery of mineral rights.

The 1767 Porciones now commonly referred to as Land grants have a rich history. Including the land grants or porciones located in the middle of the Rio Grande River and the Nueces River. These land grants, were unique in design, giving a pattern along the Rio Grande..

When these land grants were given, there was no fight for oil or gas, because the existance was unknown at the time.
from the oil boom in 1901 the battle for the money began , everyone wanted it including the State of Texas. The boom added billions to the revenues of the state of Texas.

The consititution of 1876 protected the owners of the lands where these minerals were being drilled, dug, and sold.

the landowner was given complete ownership of the minerals in all lands that passed from the
sovereign before the effective date of the Constitution of 1876.

the Texas Supreme Court in 1928, in Greene v. Robinson. Rather than holding the Relinquishment Act unconstitutional, the Court “construed” the Act in a way that would pass constitutional muster. It held that
the Act did not relinquish the oil and gas to the landowners; instead, it made the landowners the agent of the State for the leasing
of oil and gas rights, and granted to the landowner the right to half of all bonuses, royalties and other benefits accruing from those leases.

In 1866 there was no oil and gas discovered so the issue was not that important. The money from our unclaimed wells has been spent by the state for 33 years instead of putting it in a trust fund.

The spanish land grant network – the voice of change is here to help.

We encourage all supporters to get join us, get involved, vote, sign petitions, get active, make peaceful protests and together we will be a voice of change!
Oil and Government Corruption, Texas Spanish & Mexican Land Grant Heirs, The fight for Los Porciones

Spanish Land Grant Case Updates

The latest news from the Voice of Change , Texas Spanish Land Grant Heirs  Hispanic / Latino Network.

  1. Case Updates, please contact your group rep it is really urgent. We don’t discuss things here, but soon if you have not already heard, you will hear.  We are not discussing anything regard legal work and cases on the site, unless approved by the attorney.
  2. A bit of news from the latest hacking attacks. We spent the last few weeks cleaning up, basically the hackers from Texas.  This is what they accomplished, not much.  They tried to inject spamming code, but were blocked.  They uploaded 4 files, which were instantly disabled. They tried to delete content, through the code also.  They did not get access to any user/member information, that is stored on other servers and highly secure.  They only accessed the web file server from our 1and1 host.  We reported them to the authorities.
  3. Since this we have been working around the clock, no sleep to harden the security.
  4. The good news is, in this process we were able to speed up the site, and now instead of slow page loads, they are extremely fast.
  5. The downside is we disabled a tool for member downloads, but we are integrating a new tool that better, should be ready in a few weeks.
  6. The payment processing is still an issue, but we are working on it.  We switched from paypal, we had many complants, then we found out Paypal was against our efforts anyway.  We have two new processors, we are just working on the code to integrate secure payments. Once that is done, hopefully in a few weeks, we can again accept new members and donations.  If you want to donate outside of the site, please contact us via email.
  7. Volunteers, we are sorry , we know you want to help, but we got side tracked with all these problems.  We will get back with you soon
  8. Political elections.  Well this is one we don’t want to get involved in. We value each visitor and members choices.  We do urge you to vote. Please be aware that some of our team works with the Associated Press.  Many of the stories you hear, are outright lies and distortions. It makes choosing a candidate that much more difficult.  When there are exaggerations , there are lies, and where their are lies well you can see what is happening.  Maybe you wonder how our staff sides ? It is mixed some what, but also the same in we are tired of the same old injustice and our countries problems.  Many of our staff don’t want a leader that has been in power with such bad records, but then who is there to choose that is qualified?  We leave this up to you.  The important thing is to vote.  Get out and vote for who you think is best for our country and our cause.

That’s it except for financial reports, but nothing has changed, no income, just expenses and debt.  Sounds like the story of many of our lives. We will succeed and get back on top.

Wishing you the best



02/03/2016 Comments are off the Voice of Change

We are under terroristic attack due to a recent post

Just a big update, if you have not read our most recent post “the manifesto of the awakened”   to the big oil companies, goverment, finanical companies and others who have stolen, killed and robbed us of our inheritance (click here to read)  shortly after the post went live, just as Charlie Hebdo was attacked by terrorists, our network suffered attacks consistently until these terroristic (as we call them, you know the big oil companies, corrupt politicians, government agencies, financial firms, banks etc out to get our money) and these are local terrorist, creating terror on the Hispanic / Latino / American Spanish Land Grant Heirs.

Our web host and server host were fighting and blocking them, but they infiltrated one of the most secure networks on the internet.  They managed to cause our security protocols to shut it down.

We have spent the last 24 hours scanning for malware on our hosted servers provided by 1and1.  Thankfully their security team and our security coding only shut everything down, but locked our database and website down so hard, it was difficult to get back in.

In our efforts to restore the Error Connections and 500 Server Errors we accidentally deleted critical settings, images and files and those had to be restored from safe backups that had been scanned with high level security protocols.

We know the hacks originated from the United States, specifically some of the attack was from the state of Texas (not the government, the area / land ).

Well we will see as I am sure 1and1 will report those hackers information to the FBI (if they are not well paid off ) who knows if we will find them.

I remember our leader, you know our most valued attorney who fights for us, told us to get our war chest ready for battle.  So we are sure there is more to come before the victory is claimed.

Unfortunately we halted our payment processing systems, because of the attacks. A new system we were implementing, for the last months.  This has delayed us and hurt us financially, but it won’t stop the awakened