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Who will be our famous activist leader ? Amelia Boynton Robinson: the ‘indomitable spirit’ that carried a movement

One thing is for sure our movement needs a strong, public leader that can unify and get people active.  That is our goal of course, we hoped we would be able to inspire the sleeping, I don’t care, let’s talk about it, people to get off their feet and be a voice of change.



AP – Gregory Smity AP/File caption Amelia Boynton Robinson appears at an American Civil Rights Education Services tour at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta, Aug. 26, 2003. Ms. Boynton Robinson, a civil rights activist who nearly died while helping lead the Selma march on ‘Bloody Sunday,’ championed voting rights for blacks, and was the first black woman to run for Congress in Alabama, died Wednesday.

Hopefully this will inpsire our  followers to get involved and do something more than they are doing.


Amelia Boynton Robinson, known as the matriarch of the Voting Rights Act, began advocating as a young girl, handing out
leaflets for women’s suffrage.

Amelia Boynton Robinson, a pivotal figure in the struggle for civil rights in Selma, Ala., whose picture, battered and left
unconscious by police on the Edmund Pettus Bridge became an iconic image that publicized the often violent struggle to
enfranchise black voters, died Wednesday in a Montgomery Alabama Hospital.

Selma became a flashpoint in the civil rights movement in large part because of Boynton Robinson’s efforts to bring Martin
Luther King Jr. to the city and make it a battleground in the fight to grant blacks the right to vote.

Mrs. Boynton Robinson, known as the matriarch of the Voting Rights Act, was one of the organizers of the first march from
Selma to Alabama’s capital, Montgomery which lives in infamy as the day known as “Bloody Sunday.”

During the march on March 7, 1965 state troopers teargassed, clubbed, and whipped the 600 non-violent protesters when they
attempted to cross the bridge. Boynton Robinson, who was near the front of the march, was knocked unconscious by the
attack, and her image – plastered across newspapers nationwide – helped to galvanize support for civil rights across the

In 1965, as a direct outcome of the demonstrations in Selma, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the federal Voting Rights
Act into law. Boynton Robinson was invited to the ceremony at the White House as a guest of honor.

As part of the 50-year commemoration of the marches, Boynton Robinson held hands with the nation’s first black president as
they reenacted the march across the bridge that now symbolizes the long march for civil rights in the country.

“She was as strong, as hopeful and as indomitable of spirit – as quintessentially American – as I’m sure she was that day
50 years ago,” President Obama said in a statement on Wednesday. “To honor the legacy of an American hero like Amelia
Boynton requires only that we follow her example – that all of us fight to protect everyone’s right to vote.”

“She was as strong, as hopeful and as indomitable of spirit – as quintessentially American – as I’m sure she was that day
50 years ago,” President Obama said in a statement on Wednesday. “To honor the legacy of an American hero like Amelia
Boynton requires only that we follow her example – that all of us fight to protect everyone’s right to vote.”


How far we we behind as Hispanic people, well the white and black people are still leading us. No one person has ever stood up to unite the Hispanics. It’s high time we come together.


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We strongly believe in financial transparency, you will always see where your money goes. Here is this month’s report and updates.

When you have non Spanish Land Grant Heirs, but business people who are enthused about this project look at statistics, it is difficult to keep them enthused when you spent $23,545.00 to get it going and keep it going and only received $148.00 from heirs.  Add to this the traffic is high on the website, but in social networks and with members we are seeing an increase.   Our subscribers are increasing as always which is the only good news, and our current members want to see us keep going. As you can see we are not taking much money, and don’t know how long we can survive like this.  We are Negative -$13,384.00 in the red this is not good and it is only a growing deficit. The last donation was in April 2015.

We have a bill coming up soon, and if we can raise $1500.00 we will keep the network going.

We are still shifting some focus on other Hispanic related issues and not so much just on heirs. When the heirs start getting involved more, and donate or join us, we will pick up this agenda.  However we still have active causes and projects going, we hope to energize to a sleeping group of people.

We are hopeful and optimistic that we will be able to meet beyond our goals and be able to put extra money in to litigation, legislation and other measures that are worthy and significant to our causes and not a waste of time or resources. Our staff and supporters believe this strongly. This is why they initially invested $13,012.92 to get the project up and running.

We did write about our database project, which would really be beneficial to everyone that is a heir.  Who knows maybe we could sell it to the comptrollers office to use.  I doubt that is likely but it would enable a person to find their unclaimed mineral funds.

We hope we can encourage you to get active, or join us as a paid member or support us monthly and help volunteer.  Thanks for all of your support. the VOC team.  

Please note the first section under the date is nothing to do with finances, it is the number of people, (statistics) that we reach out to, or that are involved or following us.  Also please note the first GL Memos reflect what our founders/staff members contributed to start this project.


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Renewal – We need your help

We need your help,  , thousands of people are watching, reading, viewing, listening.  Some are sharing, but less than .01 percent is supporting by joining or donating.

Our system will renew in a month, and to keep these efforts going and our new projects like a searchable database, we need your help.  It will cost us for the next year’s contracts $1500.00 to renew the domain , hosting and servers.

As you can see from our last financial accountability statement – (which there is no income received since the last statement except we are in the negative $-12,000.00)

We can tell our internet provider, we no longer need a domain, no longer need a powerful server, and our development company, we are cancelling the contract, but

we  have heard from many who want to keep this project going, there for we need your help in finding people who will join or donate to support us.

If in the next 30 days we get enough people, we will not cancel our obligations.

There is much difference between us and other networks. Some networks charge twice or three times as much to join and does not get the wealth of information this network provides daily, and weekly.

If 20 join at the professional level, 10 at the premium-friend, 5 at premium-contributaor, that will help pay the bill, if 5 people give $100 it will help pay the bill if 20 give $25 it will help pay the bill.   you see what we mean? What is $25.00  less than your family eating out one time.

We would like to see 10,000 of the heirs each giving $25 or more this would help us with some of our current projects.

We leave the choice up to you  click here to join, or click here to donate.

Maybe it will be one person, who decides this network and the future of the land grants and the heirs and other Hispanic issues are so important, and say enough is enough, let’s do something about it.

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Next Texas Energy Boom will land grant heirs get anything

Seems like there is always something  working in the background to make profits off our lands.  We need your help to keep going, please make a donation or  Join our network

FORT STOCKTON, Texas—A new energy boom is taking shape in the oil fields of west Texas, but it’s not what you think.

We are asking some experts if this will have an impact on payouts for us in the future. To find out if this effects your payouts, please Join our network

Pecos County, about halfway between San Antonio and El Paso and on the southern edge of the prolific Permian Basin oil field  …

could soon play host to several large solar-energy farms responsible for about $1 billion in investments, according to state tax records.

Solar power has gotten so cheap to produce—and so competitively priced in the electricity market—that it is taking hold even in a state that, unlike California, doesn’t offer incentives to utilities to buy or build sun-powered generation.

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On a recent day, contractors for OCI Solar Power LLC erected posts for a solar farm that will be the size of more than 900 football fields.First Solar Inc. was negotiating to lease an adjacent property, its second project in the county. Last year, the Arizona company began capturing sunlight on 400,000 black solar panels in a separate project, converting the abundant sunlight into about 30 megawatts of power.

Join our network to read more stories like this.

SunEdison Inc. has presented plans for its own utility-scale solar farm to county commissioners, and Recurrent Energy, a subsidiary of Canadian Solar Inc., is readying another site nearby for construction.

State incentives in California, Nevada and North Carolina helped fund the construction of many large-scale solar farms designed to sell electricity into those local power grids. But in Texas, while there is federal financial support for such projects, there are no state subsidies or mandates that encourage solar power.

Texas currently has only 193 megawatts of large-scale solar arrays, enough to power about 40,000 Texas homes on a summer afternoon. But the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the operator of the power grid that covers most of the state, expects between 10,000 megawatts and 12,500 megawatts of solar-generating capacity to be installed by 2029. That is roughly equal to the size of all solar farms currently operating in the U.S.

Texas’ growth will be driven by falling prices, said Warren Lasher,ERCOT’s director of system planning. By the end of the decade, he said, “Solar is going to become one of the most cost-effective sources of electricity on the grid.”

First Solar's Barilla Solar farm in Pecos County, Texas, has 400,000 solar panels and room to expand five-fold. Barilla is one of the first of an expected wave of large-scale solar projects in Texas. PHOTO: RUSSELL GOLD/WALL STREET JOURNAL

First Solar’s Barilla Solar farm in Pecos County, Texas, has 400,000 solar panels and room to expand five-fold. Barilla is one of the first of an expected wave of large-scale solar projects in Texas. PHOTO: RUSSELL GOLD/WALL STREET JOURNAL

In 15 years, ERCOT predicts between 3% and 9% of its electricity generation will come from the sun, though that could be slowed by low natural gas prices, according to the grid operator and energy company officials.

West Texas “is flat, the land is open, available and cheap and there is a lot of sun” said Raiford Smith, vice president of corporate planning for CPS Energy, a city-owned utility in San Antonio. “It is an ideal place for putting solar.”

Another reason for the boom: Texas recently wrapped up construction of $6.9 billion worth of new transmission lines, many connecting West Texas to the state’s large cities. These massive power lines enabled Texas to become, by far, the largest U.S. wind producer.

Solar developers plan to move electricity on the same lines, taking advantage of a lull in wind generation during the heat of the day when solar output is at its highest.

The cost of big-scale solar projects is also plummeting, making them competitive in the state’s low-price power market. Last year, municipal utility Austin Energy signed a contract with Recurrent Energy to build a 150-megawatt solar facility in Pecos County, making it one of the largest solar farms in the country. On a sunny summer afternoon, the facility could provide more than 5% of the city’s power needs at a price—$50 per megawatt hour—considerably below other solar projects.

In July, Austin Energy announced bids for a new round of solar construction that were below $40 a megawatt hour. “We had a feeling the bids would be a little lower, but we were surprised,” saidKhalil Shalabi, vice president of energy markets operations and resource planning at the utility.

In the afternoon, the average wholesale power price in the Texas electric grid’s western zone for the past year has been $35.43 a megawatt hour, according to data from the grid operator. Over the coming years, these wholesale prices are expected to rise, creating more opportunity for solar farms to be profitable. And in a heat wave, ERCOT rules allow wholesale prices to spike up to $9,000 a megawatt hour, creating the potential for large windfalls for solar farms and other power generators.

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Local officials have welcomed solar developers, offering 10-year tax abatements.

“It is good for the county because we get a decent addition to our tax base,” said Joe Shuster, Pecos County’s chief executive.

Construction is moving quickly at the OCI Solar facility that sits in a wide valley surrounded by mesas topped with hundreds of wind turbines. A hundred workers were hard at work drilling holes and anchoring posts in the dry ground that will support individual solar arrays on a recent visit.

“This is like a giant assembly line,” says Billy Chapman, the construction manager for OCI Solar, a subsidiary of Seoul, South Korea-based OCI Company Ltd.

A veteran of the U.S. Navy and construction giant Bechtel Corp., Mr. Chapman built natural-gas fired power plants around the world before taking a job constructing arrays of solar panels.

“I’m not one of those big tree-hugging people,” he said, guiding a pickup around the OCI Solar site. “In places like this where there is nothing going on, where there is lots of land, solar makes sense.”

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Credits: Source  WSJ AP

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Please do not confuse your mineral rights and history

Many of the heirs are a little bit confused after an article in the Courthouse News.   The article refers to a family suing the GLO office, Commissioner and Travis County Texas School Land Board.

They claim their 1767 Spanish land grant  was revoked in 1874 illegally and they want it back.

Remember before the 1860’s  there was no oil, gas or minerals found yet.  We want to give you a little history.  We will update this article, it is just a timeline start we want to include all important information for you, in an easy to read and understandable article.


In 1528 some of the first Spanish settlers set foot in Texas because their ship lost course during a storm and had intended on landing in Florida.

Alavar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, born in Spain in 1490 was one of those settler, and he alerted the Spanish crown of this new land to be explored and colonized.  Pineda mapped the coast of Texas sailing along the Rio Grande.

Other expeditions from Spain came to the Americas. One of these expeditions carried Captian Alonso de Leon and Juan Bautista Chapapria who changed his name to Chapa becoming the patriarch of all the Chapa families in South Texas and Mexico.


Chapa and Leon made a trip in 1689 to Texas writing a book “Historia de Nuevo León: Con Anotaciones Sobre Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Texas, y Nuevo México.”


The information incited the Spanish crown to provide Spanish land grants (mercedes) to individuals willing to settle in Texas. Certain provisions were required: The individual had to be full Spaniard, make a formal petition that took some seven years to approve and the individual took ownership of “porciones,” with a ritual indicating the land be used for the procreation of the human race; they were not to marry Native Americans , and paid no taxes for a certain period of time.


Spanish families from the Canary Islands were induced to take on the long journey into unknown lands, and in 1718 the municipality of San Antonio was established, the first in Texas.


Town lots in San Antonio de Bexar were granted to the Canary Isalnders.


José de Escandón y Helguera colonized the area south and north of the present Río Grande (Río Bravo) in 1749, bringing in families to settle the vast land via Spanish land grants. Thus, family names such as Longoria, Chapa, de la Garza, Falcón, Vela, Hinojosa, Santoscoy, Cavazos, Solís, Guerra, Treviño and others became the original 13 families of South Texas and Northern México during early 18th century.

Private land grants in what is now South Texas did not begin until the mid-eighteenth century.


Spanish royal commission began the work of surveying and granting possession of land to individual colonists at the Rio Grande villas of Laredo, Mier, Camargo, Revilla (later Guerrero), and Reynosa. The commissioners, Juan Armando de Palacio and José de Ossorio y Llamas, were instructed to survey the various settlements and jurisdictions, to distribute the land to individual settlers, and record all transactions.The land was to be divided on the basis of merit and seniority, with the colonists divided into three categories: original, old, and recent settlers.

The commissioners surveyed long, thin strips of land, each with narrow frontage on a water course. These elongated quadrangles were known as porciones. The porciones in each of the five settlements was assigned a number. Many of the grants, especially the larger ones, also acquired names, usually derived from saints’ names, physical or natural characteristics of the region, or events. The grants were finalized by an act of juridical possession several months later. The transactions were recorded in documents known as Acts of the Visit of the Royal Commissioners (Autos de la general visita). Some 170 porciones granted in what is now Texas are entered in the five visitas. In addition to the grants with water frontage, the royal officials also made larger grants at the back of the porciones or along the Gulf of Mexico.


In 1836 the first Congress of the Republic of Texas declared that the Texas boundaries extended to the Rio Grande, but the state of Tamaulipas continued to issue land titles in the trans-Nueces region until the Mexican War ended in 1848.

As a provision of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ended the boundary dispute with Mexico, the new state of Texas officially recognized the land grants made under Spanish and Mexican rule as valid.


First constitution in Texas passed securing mineral rights.


Texas Constitution amendment, because the Constitution actually supports the owners

“the state released to the owner of the soil all mines and mineral substances therein”

This constitutional provision had retrospective effect; the landowner was given complete ownership of the minerals in all lands that passed from the sovereign before the effective date of the Constitution of 1876. , and what many mistakes in the text about mineral rights but the reference is about taxation, not the surrender of land.

The legislature was getting ready to give the minerals to the state when someone slipped an amendment that gave the rights to landowners at that time. Those were the children and grandchildren of our land grantee and so we as legal heirs have the right to production from unclaimed Oil and gas wells in our ancestral lands. In 1866 there was no oil and gas discovered so the issue was not that important.


Greene v. Robinson.

Rather than holding the Relinquishment Act unconstitutional, the Court “construed” the Act in a way that would pass constitutional muster. It held that the Act did not relinquish the oil and gas to the landowners; instead, it made the landowners the agent of the State for the leasing of oil and gas rights, and granted to the landowner the right to one-half of all bonuses, royalties and other benefits accruing from those leases.






Green Vs Robinson

Texas Constitution




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Stand and fight because your personal freedom is at stake the CISA deal

This article is a must read and a must share with everyone you know. It is a secret scheme of the Government and Obama administration to  take over our freedom and privacy.

When some of our staff as journalists learned about this, we have been following the developments.  Senators Dianne Feinstein and Richard Burr are planning a Senate vote on CISA very soon.  They say there will probably be hardly any debate before it passes. Obama is calling for it’s passage.  It is a hidden and bill disguised.

For several years the government has been trying to pass a bill and law that would force every American company to share personal data with the governments more loosely.   Last year the billed  known as CISPA failed.

This means for example, you had some kind of private concern you shared with your employer, this means it is no longer confidential.  What if you are having a private conversation with someone, you don’t want a stranger to listen in on it.  What if your company is doing something wrong, and you want to be a whistleblower, now even your employer will know what you are up to, your life could be at risk.  There are many things tragic that can happen, but the most serious is invasion of privacy and freedom.

and worse, think about this, you are getting ready to fight the government, state, local or federal and they are listening in on all of your plans for legal issues.  They will know how to counter defend before you even assert your claim. This is illegal.

We wanted to reach out to the VOC subscribers and members to read and share this information.   Why because we are a group of people, citizens of the United States and we want to put a stop to this.

Below is a recent report an leak:

If the employees, and Facebook Users, Android Users, Google Users don’t stand up and tell these companies, “enough is enough, if you continue back this CISA deal, we will leave you .”

CISA Cybersecurity Bill Advances Despite Privacy Concerns  https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/senate-bill/754


If you don’t take action as a citizen soon then

  1. the government CIA, FBI, NSA will be free at their leisure log every keystroke, every voice conversation, every web visit, every email, every search, open your webcam on your pc, laptop, smart tablet, phone and smart device
  2. not only that they will control every place you are, every place you are shopping, log every camera, when you swipe that card, or pay cash because your smart phone is equipped with facebook, android, google, apple, microsoft is with you and tracking you.
  3. you will be monitored where you work because business will be required to open the back door to these agencies.
  4. auto makers will allow the gps to track your every move, and apartment complexes also will have to open the back door.
  5. and you will be identified no longer a free citizen but a mere victim of the biggest communist movement since Hitler

The CISA which is the biggest breach of personal privacy in the history of the world besides that which Edward Snowden himself revealed to the press

you will be allowing what Edward Snowden tried to protect you from, despite what the intercept just reported about Snowden is saying about these big tech companies.

Well you say I am doing nothing wrong, it is ok.  read this “ Saying That You’re Not Concerned Because The NSA Isn’t Interested In You Is Obnoxious And Dangerous”  it the same as saying I am not abusing children so why should I care about those who are abusing children.

Recently a court ruled that the massive data collection is illegal


  • The NSA wants it badly, because it will give them more access to your data, and give companies immunity for legally shaky programs like PRISM: (read more)
  • It lets the government spy on you without a warrant. (read more)
  • It makes it so you can’t even find out about it after the fact. (read more)
  • It makes it so companies can’t be sued when they do illegal things with your data. (read more)
  • It allows corporations to cyber-attack each other and individuals outside of the law. (read more)
  • It makes every privacy policy on the web null and void, and violates the 4th amendment. (read more)

So here it is, an Open Letter you can modify and send to the companies you use including Apple and Microsoft too!

STOP CISA Cybersecurity Bill







Dear _________ and every big company including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and every small company I do business with, and every Politician I elected:

I hereby object to CISA   as I also objected to CISPA if you do not get behind me and put a stop to this bill that Obama wants to sign here is what will happen to you

I will change my phone provider to a prepaid in which i will pay cash for (after I destroy my current phone, and walk to the nearest prepaid center), and use something like Sailfish, ubuntu, or Firefox OS

I will change my computer’s operating system to something like Linux Mint whether I am an apple or Microsoft user.

I will change my email provider to https://protonmail.ch/, and use thunderbird to send encrypted emails to everyone.

I will leave my social network in quest for one who does not allow governments to have a back door, something like the upcoming Tabs Project

I will change my online documents and storage provider to something like the upcoming Tabs Project or copy.com for my storage or free online storage with encryption.

I will pull my GPS out of my automobile, or opt for a scooter or bicycle or older auto without GPS tracking.

If the company I work for will not support it’s employees that are against these privacy rights I will seek employment elsewhere or become self employed

To my bank, I will leave and use a secure bank or online bank to do my business, or work with cash.   I will use prepaid credit cards to make purchases

If you think I am not serious then don’t object to CISA or CISPA or any future attempt, because when I will leave, and I will, for companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Facebook this will mean that all other things I use that you provide me with will be gone.

Now to be serious it might take me a few weeks or months to complete my transitions, but hear me now, I am already making plans to start securing some of my life now as it is.

And Microsoft better hear me, because if you lock me out when I upgrade or get a pc with windows 10 with your secure boot EFI from not installing linux, think again, there are linux based pcs and laptops out there.

Apple there are free programs like music bee to play my music and aimersoft to convert any of my videos and audio. So leaving you is not so difficult.

I hope I will get a reply that I am a valued customer / or company that uses your products and that you will begin to fight privacy including CISA from ever being accomplished.   If I don’t then I will start my transition in the next few weeks.

Oh and by the way, if you think I cannot get out of any contracts, think again, because invasion of privacy gives me every right to cancel my contract.

Hopefully yours,

…..your name your signature…..




Here is how to contact the big companies 

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043



One Microsoft Way

Redmond, WA 98052-6399



701 First Avenue

Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Phone: (408) 349-3300

Fax: (408) 349-3301

Facebook Headquarters
1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

(650) 543-4800

(650) 543-4801

[email protected]


1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 996-1010

Politicians, search your local government on the internet

Now for those of you that want to start transitioning to more secure things, you can start making some switches now.

First of all get an external hard drive that you can encrypt, you also going to need access to some techy people but some things are pretty easy.

The biggest problem you will encounter is people who are not so privacy conscience. Communicating with them, may be a challenge. But I am sure if you sent them an encrypted email, they would want to ask you how to read it.

1) change your web searching to duckduckgo, and your browser to something secure like Pale Moon, and use privacy anonymous browsing.

2) if you are going to bookmark things, like many people like to do you want something like :

3) think about where you store stuff online, first you are going to need to download everything from your current online provider, whether that is iCloud, Google Driver, Onedrive (microsoft) etc. put all this in one secure folder that is encrypted.

you are going to need something that can encrypt a drive or folder :

and something like swissdisk or justcloud to keep your docs secured, like docs that you need access    wherever you are .

4) think about storing stuff, stuff like music, photos videos don’t really need encryption – you can use the free online storage places like copy.com which is recommended by snowden , to store those kinds of files

but another idea is a 30 – 60 Gb USB drive with encryption – now you have your stuff with you all time

and if you are a whistleblower think about digital camera SD cards, compact and easy to hide and you can encrypt and secure easily.

5) but wait I use twitter, facebook, and google plus to market my company or project —

ok then you will need an account with google, but you can always use your private browser to login

to these services and , make sure you have a dedicated secure browser just for facebook that you use incognito mode to log in to faebook (this creates a sandbox so facebook can’t get outside and see what you are doing, and believe me they do. if you were to open your email in the same browser while logged into facebook you will now have all your contacts imported and keywords / tags of things your email contains. Facebook is only the first contender in this, Microsoft is the first. If you have windows 8 or windows 10 you log in any place not incognito or private, they will now have all your facebook contacts and birthdays email contacts and birthdays and much more you didn’t know you gave them access to.

We recommend using a separate secure private browser ( ) for each social network. The good news is the tabs project will be secure and you will still be able to communicate to any other social network.

Now in just 5 steps you have secured your storage, email, searching, bookmarks, and needed social networking in the first transition

Next transition, you can sign up for secure email service or you could use google , via the thunderbird email client, using …. to encrypt every email.

ok by now life is just a change a little, you have some place like copy to store stuff that you don’t need encrypted.

you are private browsing even when online banking

you are using a encrypted email system if not sign up for one , like previously mentioned or https://www.ghostmail.com/

so maybe you want to move your android to more secure — a couple of ways, delete android or dual boot to ubuntu touch, or a linux based os, just google it , it is fairly easy

or you can install all the apps you want then erase your google account from the tablet, sure you may not get updates but you can pretty much use the tablet

or third you can create a new email that you want for google play store and keep your info factitious

Going further

you can cover your webcam on your pc but if you switch to linux this probably won’t be needed.

1) switching to linux – we recommend Linux Mint Cinnamon version it is the closest thing to windows and secure

you will need to uninstall the default office suite and use kingston office which is almost a exact clone of microsoft office for free

if you use adobe products this will be your downfall somewhat you can install oracle virtual box

and install windows 7 then use the virtualbox to use your adobe product, you will have to share

your external drives to share docs you edit back and forth, or just do all your creative inside virtual box and by the way running windows 7 inside virtual box, is so much faster..

you will have to get use to other programs like graphic design programs but in a few months you will ask yourself why did you ever use Apple OSX or Windows – no more bugs, no malware, and everything is so fast

you could dual boot , like I do , and use linux 90 percent of the time — and gradually work yourself away from windows –

Encrypting files in linux – there are many programs that will do this, and folders as well, which is the best method —

but you also want a way to get to those files if your laptop or pc is not available



https://track.causes.com/c/[email protected]/2?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.causes.com%2Fcampaigns%2F94694-tell-congress-tech-companies-to-respect-privacy-stop-cisa&s=y0uXnr3n_3__Ez6Yd8aCt8xkOqdhajTSzbydikkxYOU%3D