Texas Land Battle won 150 years ago

The Battle of Palmito Ranch, considered the final battle of the Civil War, happened 150 years ago this week. (Source: TexasMilitaryForcesMuseum.org)

The Battle of Palmito Ranch, considered the final battle of the Civil War, happened 150 years ago this week. (Source: TexasMilitaryForcesMuseum.org)

Final Civil War land battle was 150 years ago… in Texas

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Associated Press

BROWNSVILLE, TX (AP) — It’s common knowledge that the four bloody years of the American Civil War came to an end when Southern Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox – but it’s not true.

The final land battle of the war wasn’t fought until more than a month later, 150 years ago Tuesday and Wednesday, on a wind-swept coastal plain at the southern tip of Texas.

And the Confederates won.

In the Battle of Palmito Ranch, Hispanic men fought for the South and black soldiers for the North. Union Pvt. John J. Williams, from the 34th Indiana, is considered by many historians to be the last soldier killed in a war that claimed more than 600,000 soldiers’ lives.

There were 2,128,948  soldiers from the United States and 1,082,119 in the confederate States out of 22 million in the population combined.

When you are in a war, you need men, like the brave Hispanic men who fought.

So today the VOC is calling on every man who is an heir and his family. Our first goal is to sign up 25,000 for this war, this battle we are facing for our rightful inheritance. The question is are you brave enough to fight?  You may ask what do I have to do to fight?  This is not a fight with real guns and ammunition. Our battle is fought in numbers and in finances to help get this final war won.

The big question is do you want to win?

How many of you really want to win?

You see it will take much more than sitting around, watching TV, or doing other things it will take some time to get involved.

We challenge the first 25,000 men or women or families to sign up.

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VOC sends our thoughts and prayers to the Texas flood victims

We are sending our thoughts and prayers to the Texas flood victims.   Sometimes when we take our eyes off of ourselves and our own fights and problems and help others around us, love is truly shared.

We have teamed up with Make the Difference Network to raise funds for the flood relief.  Click here for more information on how you can help donate to this cause.

What’s next? How you can help – time to start gaining momentum

Ever had a big project ?  Maybe you planned a wedding, or a business project.  It all took time, resources and effort.  It would of never been accomplished by sitting on the sidelines.    I know all of us have been active in some way or another and sometimes you may feel like why even bother? We want to encourage you today,  not to sit back.

Let us rise up tonight with a greater readiness. Let us stand with a greater determination. And let us move on in these powerful days, these days of challenge to make America what it ought to be. We have an opportunity to make America a better nation. And I want to thank God, once more, for allowing me to be here with you.  Dr. Martin Luther King

When there is a fight , there are always those who are in the forefront doing all the work, then some behind the leaders helping the cause and the rest on marching or sitting on the sidelines.  We always need encouragement to keep fighting.   We will never win this thing, if we give up.

There are always problems, speculations, people talking out of line in any movement but  listen to these great words

” Survival demands that we grapple with problems – Martin Luther King .. And also in the human rights revolution, if something isn’t done, and in a hurry, to bring the ..peoples of the world out of their long years of poverty, their long years of hurt and neglect, the whole world is doomed. Now, I’m just happy that God has allowed me to live in this period, to see what is unfolding. …Now, what does all of this mean in this great period of history? It means that we’ve got to stay together. We’ve got to stay together and maintain unity. “

If something isn’t done.  Who are you relying on to get things done?  What are you contributing to the cause?  We are in a fight, we all have been united to fight the cause and take the recommended steps to work toward getting our inheritance.  We are finally on the last leg now, can you see it on the horizon ?  It’s coming but it will take all of us together.

So what is next ?  We all know the big legal battle that is being prepared.  When you have a war, you have to have things to fight the war with. You have to have strategy, and many other things.

We want you to get involved, and maybe the only way right now you can get involved is helping financially, which is fine click here to make a donation.

How would that help?

We are working on developing a database, but we need finances to do this. What if you could type in your name, your family tree, and start getting results back, even information on your land resources?  This is one of our goals. We can begin until we start getting some financing.

We are getting requests from heirs about information about this family generation, or locating their land. We want to help provide what we can. It all takes money.

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There are many other ways you can get involved,  click here  you can even help raise support , we gave you many ideas in our get involved tips.

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Although we have lost money after we started we will stay here as long as we can. However when you look at this financial report, only $148.97 was received by members/followers.  Over $13,000 was invested by the founders.  As you can see we are not taking much money, and don’t know how long we can survive like this. We strongly believe in financial transparency, you will always see where your money goes.

We think we are heading in the right direction, and we are hopeful and optimistic that we will be able to meet beyond our goals and be able to put extra money in to litigation, legislation and other measures that are worthy and significant to our causes and not a waste of time or resources. Our staff and supporters believe this strongly. This is why they initially invested $13,012.92 to get the project up and running.

We hope this encourages you to get active, or join us as a paid member or support us monthly and help volunteer.  Thanks for all of your support. the VOC team.  Remember there are discounts for may membership  click here.

Please note the first section under the date is nothing to do with finances, it is the number of people, (statistics) that we reach out to, or that are involved or following us.  Also please note the first GL Memos reflect what our founders/staff members contributed to start this project.


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John McFarland and his oil company sponsored blog on HB724

John McFarland and his oil company sponsored blog on HB724  Please do not be confused or misled away from the truth of your rights!

Who is this John McFarland ?  His website claims “John McFarland represents land and mineral owners in all aspects of oil, gas and mineral law: leasing of mineral interests, family management and estate planning related to mineral ownership, valuation issues, royalty audits and title disputes.”

John McFarland @TXOilGasLawPro I am a Texas oil and gas lawyer. I represent energy companies and other land owners, handling leasing, estate planning, title disputes, and more.

However our investigative reporters found something contrary to this claim. When asked if he would support descendants of the mineral and land right owners his response was “NO THANKS.”  *Dec  2014.  What McFarland does is help oil and gas companies lease oil and minerals from lands.  He protects the big oil companies.

As far as his blog, he does not grant permission to republish them it.  Why? He is in it for the money from the big oil and gas companies. Not anyone else!

However he fails to understand free press and the right of fair use.  So in this article we will pick apart his blog post on House bill 724. No Comments allowed (on John McFarland’s blog) meaning NO TRANSPARENCY!  We asked him if we could comment , his response “NO THANKS.”  He likes this phrase.  Please see our article http://thevoiceofchange.info/hb724-commission-exposed-uncredibility-analysis-part-1/  and the supplement papers series.

His first paragraph is partially true, when John McFarland blogs about the rights to the land grants.  However he implies falsely that immigration of settlers into those territories prior to and after created disruption and displacement regarding land titles.  First of all, any educated person is going to recognize that who ever the settler was on the land grant would then be also granted the land.

John McFarland asserts that these settlers took extralegal means to acquire ownership of the land. Come John McFarland you know that there was not much legal options during these times for settlers.  Where is your documented proof, a puff of smoke to blind the real owners!

Then he asserts that records were lost and boundary lines cloud legal issues.  Now we can begin to understand John McFarland “extralegal means” to support his case which he is not off to a good start.  First of all there are records,   as you can see in our los porciones series.  Here are some examples:

First of all let me ask you a question, if you are fighting in court a bank, are you going to hire the banks attorney to represent you? NO !  This would be a conflict of interest .  So you want to believe the non-sense coming from this John McFarland Attorney at Law Austin, Texas who is represents the oil and gas companies?

He makes his point clear when he says he receives calls from “descendants of the original grantee of a Spanish or Mexican land grant somewhere in South Texas”  Notice he did not say he took on their case.  He states the fact now to support lie that there are people who prey on these descendants.   And to prove his point, he now moves to Padre Islands not anything about a land grant in South Texas.

Now he wants to confuse the descendants, so he goes into some confusing explanation about the Padre Island lawsuits.  To make his point that in 2008 the Texas Supreme Court ruled that the Ballis (the people suing for the royalties)  waited to long to bring their claim and their suit was barred by limitations.

However John McFarland fails to assert the laws protecting the owners:  Please read this http://thevoiceofchange.info/mineral-rights-explained-texas-constitution-1866-1876-affirmed-supreme-court/ which affirms that after 1866 , came 1876 Texas Constitutional Amendment which affirmed ” the landowner was given complete ownership of the minerals in all the lands that passed from the sovereign before the effective date of the Constitution of 1876.” Later in 1928 the Texas Supreme Court held that the “act did not relinquish the oil and gas rights to the landowners, but made the landowners the agent of the Sate for the leasing of oil and gas rights and granted to the landowner the right to one half of all bonuses, royalties and other benefits accruing from those leases. ”


Point being as an heir, of a deceased descendant of the landowner, still does have rights to “half of all bonuses, royalties and other benefits accruing from those leases”  (Do you hear them talking about half? or about the bonuses or other benefits? NO, because they are hiding those things, they are talking about some small percentage of royalties.  We must know the truth!


And this is where we will stop because he clearly goes on to support the commission, the former corrupt Governor of Texas Rick Perry and the Oil and gas companies.  He continues to liable and slander people.   He makes ridiculous claims that a descendant can’t prove they are a descent by a judge or court ? Well how can they prove they are, if the state of Texas is not accepting a birth certificate or linage documents?  Isn’t a court of law a valid authority ?  Yes it is.  He is probably friends with Lance Brunn.

His blog is not even worth a rebuttal because clearly this blog would not stand up in a court of law! When something is ambiguous then it can be interpreted in many ways, and this blog is certainly ambiguous! In other words what he asserts is not legal.

If you are a descendant and heir please do not be confused by such non-sense. Know your rights, and stand up. We will stand one voice united!  We will stand together and fight.


Now Active the Spanish Version Texas Spanish Land Grant Heirs the Voice of Change

Now Active the Spanish Version Texas Spanish Land Grant Heirs the Voice of Change

Thanks for people who support us, although we are way over budget and need your donations, we have been able to translate the site with a tool, although the translation is not perfect, for our budget we think it is a good start.

The tool is really simple, in the top left corner (see photo below) you can click the flag (English flag or Spanish flag)


Also when you are reading a post, on the right sidebar under donation are the flags again  see screenshot


Last a popup will float at the bottom right of the screen to translate,  this way we hope everyone can find it.

Please help keep this site going by becoming a member or making a donation, thank you.

Ahora activa la versión española de Texas español Land Grant Herederos la Voz de Cambio

Gracias a las personas que nos apoyan, aunque estamos muy por encima del presupuesto y necesitan sus donaciones, hemos sido capaces de traducir el sitio con una herramienta, aunque la traducción no es perfecta, para nuestro presupuesto creemos que es un buen comienzo.

La herramienta es muy simple, en la esquina superior izquierda (ver foto abajo) puede hacer clic en la bandera (flag Inglés o la bandera española)

También cuando usted está leyendo un post, en la barra lateral derecha bajo la donación son las banderas más ver captura de pantalla

Última un popup flotará en la parte inferior derecha de la pantalla para traducir, así que esperamos que todos puedan encontrarlo.

Por favor, ayudar a mantener este sitio va al convertirse en un miembro o hacer una donación, gracias.

Salvador Vela Porcion 93, 94, 95, 90 – the South Texas Los Porciones Series

Salvador Vela was born in 1717 in Cerralvo. He was married to Agueda Longoria Chapa and had 7 children. He was the original grantee of Porcion 90Starr County. His brothers in law were Pedro Longoria of Porcion 94, Matias Longoria of Porcion 95 and Vicente Longoria also of Porcion 93.  see this post

Thanks in advance to Raul Longoria –

Dating from 1892, the Longoria Cemetery in La Grulla was established by the descendants of Pedro Longoria, the original grantee of the land on which the cemetery and La Grulla are located. In 1767, Pedro Longoria and two of his brothers, Matias and Vicente, received adjoining land grants from the King of Spain. Located on the north side of the Rio Grande River, Pedro’s grant was designated as Porcion 94 and consisted of 4649.8 acres; his brothers were granted the adjoining Porcion 93 consisting of 7971 acres. Initially, most of the grantees of porciones on the north side of the Rio Grande maintained their permanent residences in Camargo, established in 1750 on the south bank of the Rio Grande. The village’s location south of the river and its higher concentration of people provided more protection from marauding Comanche and Apache Indians from the north. The land grants were used to graze cattle, sheep and goats and otherwise provide for their owner’s livelihood, but the only structures built there were probably “jacales”, primitive structures constructed from logs of the native mesquite and other woods. The jacales provided protection only from the elements of nature.

It was not until 1836 that a grandson of Pedro, Juan Longoria, moved to establish a permanent residence on the north side of the river in Porcion 94.

Today’s community of La Grulla, Texas, is located on the site of that original settlement on Porcion 94. As the community grew, residents who died were taken back across the river to be buried in cemeteries in Camargo or the smaller ranching communities. The Longoria cemetery was founded in 1892 when Juan Longoria died, fulfilling his dying wish to be buried on his own land. Among those interred in the “bovedas”, or burial vaults, are Juan Longoria (1808-1892), his wife Yrinea Villarreal (1813-1892), and his mother Maria Nicolasa Flores (1780-1885). –Online Comments by Raul N. Longoria Feb 2002;.


The La Mesa Cemetery was established in 1894. The cemetery is located about 9 miles west of Rachal, Texas. It is in on FM 755. It is about 2 miles north of the road. The cemetery is on private land and a private road leads to the cemetery. The land is owned by Trinidad De Luna Cantu, one of the heirs of Vivian De Luna and Juanita Perez De Luna. Juanita was the grand-daughter of Manuel Perez Gonzalez. The cemetery is dedicated to the memory of Manuel Perez Gonzalez.

Manuel Perez was the grandson of Pedro Joseph Perez and Maria Manuela De La Garza. Pedro Joseph was the owner of Porcion 74 in Camargo. He bought the land grant from Pedro Lugo, his cousin. Manuel’s parents were Jose Maria Perez and Juana Longoria Gonzalez. Manuel Perez was also a great-grandson of Don Matias Longoria (Original Grantee of Porcion 93 (West Part) in Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico and Margarita Hinojosa. Juana Gonzalez, the daughter of Gertrudis Longoria and Jose Joaquin Gonzalez, married Jose Maria Perez.

Manuel Perez bought a league (4,428.4 acres) of La Encantada grant from Gregorio Villarreal on September 25, 1873 for $500.00.


Thanks to The South Texas Heirs of Las Porciones for republishing permissions.


more from Mrs. Fowler Facebook Page :

A Little Bit of History – Salvador Vela, original grantee of Porcion 93 in Starr County, was the legitimate son of…

Posted by Eileen M Fowler on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Heartfelt Condolences to Eileen Fowler from all of us at the Voice of Change

Mrs.  Fowler’s staff  posted on her website on “Action News”  that her mother, Dorothy Ruud McKenzie, passed away on May 1st.

Letters or cards of condolences may be sent to Mrs. Eileen McKenzie Fowler at P.O. Box 490, La Porte, Texas 77572.

No matter how dark, your strength shines through as a light to those you love.

We know it’s not easy right now, but you are strong, we love you and are here for you.


Pedro Balli – the South Texas Los Porciones Series

The first Balli in America, was Pedro Balli (1545-1600), a printer, of Salamanoam, Spain. He reached Mexico in 1569, where he married Catalina del Valle and had three sons. Balli was named fourth printer of the New World by royal decree of King Phillip II in 1574. His printing house was located on the corner of Honeda Street and Lic. Verdad on the plaza in Mexico City. He produced over 60 books, including some in native language and others for the University of Mexico.

Descendants of Pedro Balli II moved to Nuevo Leon. By 1750, Nicolas Balli (1701) and Josefa Guerra de Balli were living in Sabinas Hidalgo, about 70 miles north of present Monterrey. They had five (5) sons, Jose Manuel, Bartolomeo, Juan Jose, Juan Antonio, and Jose Maria Balli. Durning the colonization of Nuevo Santander by Jose de Escandon in 1749, Jose Maria Balli and Juan Antonio Balli settled in Reynosa and became primitive settlers.
At the time of the General Visit to assign lands to settlers in 1767, Jose Maria Balli was one of the surveyors, and received porcion 72. His brother Juan Antonio Balli received porcion 13.

In 1800, because of continous flooding of the original site, the villa of Reynosa moved downstream 11 miles onto land donated by the Juan Jose Antonio Balli Family. Manuel Balli is probly descendant from one of these two Reynosa settlers.

At San Antonio del Estero Ranch, a one-acre plot was set aside for a family cemetery. First family member buried in the Balli Cemetery was Atilano Pina in 1874, the husband of Natividad Balli- Rubalcaba. Ranch founder, Antonio Balli and his Wife, Manuela Rubalcaba are also buried in the ranch cemetery, according to Mr. Arturo Balli of Donna. Last Balli to be buried in the ranch cemetary was Apolonio Balli-Salazar (1869-1956).

*Source: Mr. Arturo Balli of Donna, Texas and Fresno, Califorina. ARGL&I Chain of Title, Llano Grande Grand, Share 2, 1913, Garcia, Clotilde. Padre Nicolas Balli and Padre Island.;www.balli.com

Thanks to The South Texas Heirs of Las Porciones for republishing permissions.

Jose Cayetano Canales – the Los Porciones Series

Trev Eric: This one’s for you.

Jose Cayetano Canales was the original grantee of porcion 38, Guerrero. It consists of 6,034.17 acres in Zapata County, Texas.

It was granted by Spain in 1767.

He was born in Nuevo Leon, Mexico on 1730 to Blas De Montemayor Canales and Maria Baez De Benavides.

Jose Cayetano married Ma Dominga Guerra and had a child. He passed away on 20 May 1801 in Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

His descendant Jose Maria Gutierrez applies for porcion 38. Witnesses proved the occupation and cultivation of said tract of land since it was first granted.
It was confirmed by the legislature – act of February 10, 1852; patented December 16, 1880. The file graphics are shown below.

Thanks to The South Texas Heirs of Las Porciones for republishing permissions.